Monday , 18 February 2019
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What Female Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Tyra Banks

1. Be More Than Just A Pretty Face - Looks can only get you so far. Tyra knows this and despite having a very successful modelling career she didn’t stop there. Tyra has said, “I’ve always seen modelling as a stepping stone.”




2. Never Stop Learning - At age 38 she enrolled at Harvard Business School. The model-turned-entertainment-mogul completed her special course for CEOs and other top executives in early 2012.




3. Don’t Be A One Trick Pony - After making it as a model Tyra has went on to create and host the show America’s Next Top Model,co-creator of True Beauty and was the host of her own talk show The Tyra Banks Show. As well as acting in movies such as Coyote Ugly and television shows including Gossip Girl. Tyra is one of four African Americans and seven women to have repeatedly ranked among the world’s most influential people by Time Magazine.




4. Be Confident - Confidence will get you far, if you don’t have it yet fake it. Tyra has struggled with building hers throughout her career. She knows how important this is in business and even takes personal coaching classes for it.





5. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously – There’s nothing worse than someone who is too serious about life and can’t for the life of them laugh at themselves. Whether it be because your boyfriend is mocking something goofy you did or as serious as you taking a stumble on the runway—getting up and laughing it off shows you’re really confident in the person you are. It makes it awkward for everyone if you are too serious about yourself and can’t just laugh something so little off.  Let loose and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks about you, in the end they don’t matter—and life is much for fun when you’re laughing it away! As Tyra says, “Perfect is boring, human is beautiful!”




6. Be Professional – In the modelling industry it is crucial to be professional—while not portraying that you’re stuck up. Being professional doesn’t mean you can’t have an out-there personality and be funny, being professional is knowing what to say and when to say it. It’s keeping it classy. It is knowing what you can and can’t say in front of certain people. Tyra is hilarious and has an out-there personality, but that’s what makes her as successful as she is. She’s drop-dead gorgeous in my opinion, and still uses her personality for the better and always portrays professionalism. “Never dull your shine for somebody else.”



7. Know Your Business From The Ground UpStick to what you know. “A smart model is a good model.” Tyra knows modelling & beauty inside and out. Tyra has modelled for many years and when she started the hit show Americas Next Top model she knew exactly what the judges, modelling agencies, etc would look for. That’s an important aspect of business and becoming successful. It’s crucial to know everything about your business when trying to build yourself as an entrepreneur in order for people to see your true value! 



8. Remain Humble & Kind – After watching multiple episodes of the Tyra Banks Show, I’ve noticed one thing. She is the same kind and humble person to whomever she meets, whether it is a regular person off the street or a celebrity—and that’s what counts! There is nothing more aggravating than hearing/seeing celebrities who get famous and then forget about the “regular people” and lose the part of them that was once humble! It’s great that Tyra knows where she came from and after all these years and such success she’s still just as humble and kind to everyone she meets.




9. Never Give Up – “Love me or hate me I promise that it will never make or break me.” That say’s it all. Tyra has had many haters, much like anyone else trying to make it big, but she hasn’t let it stop her from building her empire. In this industry Tyra knows that you can be the ripest peach on the tree but someone out there for some reason isn’t going to like you and have no reason for doing so. You have to remember the reasons you’re trying to be successful and remember that person who hates you isn’t one of them!





10. Don’t Rely On Others – Tyra knows if you want to get something done, it must be done yourself. These days especially in this society you can’t trust or rely on anyone anymore. Tyra has built her empire from the ground up all on her own and continues to do so without relying on another person, and that’s an important piece of information for anyone trying to build a business. You have to know what it is you want long-term and get there without relying on anyone to do it for you!


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