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What It’s Really Like Working As A Brand Ambassador

Toronto brand ambassadors

So you want to be a brand ambassador? From an outsiders perspective, it might seem to be a really easy and fun job, and in some cases that is very true. However it takes a certain personality to really succeed in the events world. Here are some things you should know before venturing into the territory of being a brand ambassador, and our tips to succeed with them!

Be prepared to work strange hours. Being a brand ambassador is never 9:00AM-5:00PM. It can be super early morning to late evenings. Shifts very from every which way and aren’t set. You have to be willing to be very flexible. However if you are someone who likes variety this could be a bonus! You can also usually accept and decline the shifts you are interested with most agencies, making it super convenient.

Know that your shifts aren’t guaranteed. Getting brought onto an agency doesn’t guarantee you a steady pay cheque. Work varies based on the agencies, clients and the season. Especially a new agency, they may still be building their client base and testing the market. We recommend finding a reputable, long standing agency. Maybe even a few to guarantee you get the amount of work you are looking for.

It can be very superficial. Being a brand ambassador is about being the whole package. Being out going, intelligent, well groomed and good looking. Sometimes clients will be selecting the BA’s based solely on their photos and not experience or personality. If you are looking to get started we recommend investing a little bit to get professional photos. They will ensure you look your best and can win over clients.

Know that It’s not all glamour. Yes, you will get to work some fantastic events as a BA. However, you will also be expected to work other ones not so glamorous including setting up displays, carrying heavy boxes and clean up. From our experience, the good far out ways the tough jobs! Just make sure you get a full event description before confirming any job.

You will be working outside. You won’t always be warm inside, in fact a lot of guerrilla marketing takes place on the street and in all type of weather. You need to be ready to work in just about anything, and with a smile on!

If you can handle these challenges, then you have what it takes to pursue a job as a Toronto brand ambassadors!

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Emily Lyons
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