Monday , 18 February 2019
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What Guys Love on Girls Besides Lingerie

Valentine’s Day is all about being sexy and showing the love. Sure lingerie is sexy, but there are other things guys go crazy for on girls.. Here are just a few looks guaranteed to turn him on.

1. When you wear his clothes
Whether it’s his boxers, t-shirt, sweatshirt or anything else, guys love seeing you in their stuff. Its sexy and next time they go to put on that sweater you borrowed, they will instantly be reminded of you from your sexy scent you left behind.
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2. Messy Buns
Who cares what your hair looks like? Throw it up in a messy bun instead of fussing over it.. its a turn on. It says you are care free and fun. It shows off your face and neck, and is super cute.. the messier, the better.
Femme Gems


3. Boy Shorts
Ditch your g-string and get into a pair of cheeky shorts. Not only are they comfortable to lounge in, sleep in, and cuddle in.. They look good on every girl. They give you a lifted booty that is irresistible to any guy.
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4. A Clean Face
Nothing is worse to a guy than piles of makeup just to go to the grocery store. It has high maintenance written all over it and they hate waiting for you to get ready to step out anywhere. Try a clean face (ok maybe a bit of mascara). It’s sexy because it shows confidence and that your comfortable in your own skin. Guy’s love it because its down to earth and beachy and they love the get up and go factor.
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5. A Smile!!!
Why so serious?? No guy can resist a big smile on a girl. Contrary to the belief that a serious, pouty selfie is hot, guys melt when you smile. It’s the biggest turn on and shows your happy. It makes any guy your with comfortable and is sure to steal some hearts!
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