Saturday , 17 August 2019
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True Glue Ventures Into the Dragons’ Den – This Lash Glue Will Soon Be Your Favorite

Quick: what’s created from all natural ingredients, is good for your eyelids, makes you look fabulous, and has a sweet floral scent?

If you guessed “True Glue all-natural lash adhesive” – you’re right, of course. And last Friday, the CEO of this health-inspired cosmetic product walked straight into a den of dragons. That’s because True Glue had the grand opportunity to present for Dragons’ Den, the reality show that puts the fate of entrepreneurs in the hands of venture capitalists.

Fate smiled on True Glue last Friday – good things are on the way – but for now, let’s talk about the whole Dragons’ Den experience. It was pretty fun, after all.

True Glue CEO Emily Lyons presented the product in front of the venture capitalists. First, she articulated why women everywhere deserve something like True Glue – all other lash adhesives are chemical concoctions that harm the delicate skin of the eyelid. These chemicals – like formaldehyde – can seep into the bloodstream and cause further damage. Premature aging around the eye can result, too. This was the gist of the opening act, where the necessity – the dire need – of a truly all-natural lash adhesive was painted with fact-filled brushes.

Alongside Lyons were five lovely models from Lyons’ sister company, successful staffing agency Femme Fatale Media Group. All of them were outfitted with white tops emblazoned with the True Glue logo. And, of course, the entire entourage came well-prepared with pink boxes – where, inside, were bottles of True Glue. These served as demonstration material – after all, what better way to impress venture capitalists then to show off exactly how the product works?

The whole adventure – the talented business maven in the form of Emily Lyons presenting in front of the quizzical venture capitalists – was shot at CBC’s studio, under the dazzle of lights and roving cameras.

As of yet, we cannot tell you the outcome of the pitch. But we are certainly eager for you to watch it when it is released. The season to look for is Season 10 – airing this fall – so make sure that when that season rolls out, you have an ample supply of popcorn or any other edibles you indulge in for TV-watching.

We’re excited that we got to do this – it really was a blast, and we can’t wait for more and more women to try out this super-neat, all-natural lash adhesive.

**We can’t disclose what happened in the den until it airs this fall. Stay tuned!

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