Wednesday , 24 July 2019
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Toronto’s Best Photographers

 Working in the industry for a number of years I have either shot with, had my models shoot with, or have worked in someway with most of the photographers in Toronto. I’m constantly being asked by new models or friends to recommend a good photographer. So I’ve compiled a list below of the top talent this city has to offer!


Best Glamour Photographers


1. Paul Buceta – If you want to work with the best, you work with Paul. He is professional, fun and will most likely get you published. If you’re a new model looking to shoot with him be prepared, he isn’t cheap. Your best bet is to submit through his website and hope he will shoot you for a test. If you do have the extra funds by all means invest in a shoot with Paul, you won’t regret it!

2. Ryan Visima (Vtography) – Ryan has a knack for making anyone and everyone look stunning. He has reasonable rates and is great for new models looking to build portfolios. I always recommend him to models from our roster to shoot with. I know he will not only produce amazing images, but he will also make the models feel comfortable while doing it!

3. Matt Barnes – Although I have never personally worked with Matt, a lot of my models have. His work and client base speak for itself, shooting such celebrities as Snoop Dogg, Perez Hilton and Jason Priestley.

4. Kris Josef – Kris has been published in a number of magazines including UMM & Best Health. Kris is conveniently located in the west end of the city with a home based studio.

5. Pablo B – Pablo creates very unique images to add to your portfolio. He’s extremely creative and talented when it comes to photoshop.

6. Yanki Yuksel – Wonderful photographer and great guy, Yanki is a blast to work with! Internationally published in such magazines as FHM and UMM. Join his facebook page as he often will post up photo shoot specials!

 Stay tuned for our favourite Toronto fashion photographers!


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