Monday , 27 May 2019
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The World Mirrors Your Perception Of It

 Some great words of wisdom from Femme Fatale male model and entrepreneur Joseph Ng!

Everyone will go through life with a certain perspective. Whether it is through rose colored glasses or through blackened glass, the world you see around you is a manifestation of your mind.

Throughout the world we have perceptions that are often polar opposites. Religion vs Science, being a victim vs a survivor, republicans vs democrats, war vs peace, dreamers vs pessimists etc… With so many points of view and perceptions of our world, there is only one constant. The world itself…

Why do some succeed, while other fail? Why do kids in impoverished regions find homework a blessing, while others despise it? It is all how you choose to perceive the world around you in your mind.

You are not a victim of circumstances! You are a victim of your own thoughts! Be ecstatic that you are a human being that can make decisions. Those around you can support you or put you down. But ultimately, it is you and only you that makes the decision to get out of bed in the morning.

When it comes to happiness we often associate happiness to goals or ideals. When i get that I’ll be happy, when i get a raise I’ll be happy, when i find a romantic partner I’ll be happy. But when happiness is tied to a goal or ideal, it is often shortlived. Don’t believe me? Then why do you still not feel the elation and happiness that you had when you first got your drivers license, or when your got your new phone, or when you graduated?

Because in life we are ever changing. Your perspective, goals and ideals are not the same as five years ago. When tied to circumstances, your happiness will be as fleeting as the memory of that moment. Instead find happiness in oneself, appreciate the present and find joy in the pursuit of new experiences that life has to offer.

So be a dreamer, make the right decisions and pursue your goals. Not for the goal itself, but for happiness you will find in experiencing the world through a new perspective.

As Aristotle once said, ‘Eudaimonia’ Which means to find happiness in human flourishing.

Photo Cred: Daniel Camer

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