Monday , 27 May 2019
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The Dangers of DUO & All Conventional Eyelash Glues

Femme Fatale Lashes is now launching our brand new all natural eyelash adhesive, appropriately named True Glue. After years of suffering through the pain caused by using the toxic conventional eyelash glues, such as Duo, in order to wear our favourite pair of Femme Fatale mink lashes we decided enough was enough. Why should we have to torture ourselves in order to achieve a full lash look? Not to mention the damage being done we aren’t seeing.

The popular brand Duo has been rated among the most toxic of all glues on the market today for its high concentration of formaldehyde which is not only a carcinogen, but has been linked to developmental or reproductive toxicity, organ system toxicity, and neurotoxicity. Most of the glues on the market today also contain ingredients such as latex which cause allergic reactions in many individuals. When the glue is drying and setting it is also releasing these chemicals into the air that we are breathing and can cause asthma like symptoms.

We have all been there, a bit too much glue on the lash and into your eye it goes, followed by stinging and burning. This burning sensation is more than just that. When the chemicals found in eyelash glues come into contact with your eye they can cause a wide range of serious issues. The most common issue caused by these toxic glues is chemical burns. Hundreds of women attend the emergency room every year with chemical burns to their eyes from using harmful eyelash adhesives. The chemicals in the glues are so concentrated and toxic, they can actually burn your skin causing skin discoloration, swelling and pain.

In summary, there is a great need for an all-natural adhesive on the market so we can wear our favorite Femme Fatale eyelashes without putting ourselves and our eyes at risk. True Glue is the solution to our problem. True Glue contains soothing, and anti-aging agents to soothe the eyelids instead of irritating them. Chamomile extract is one of such ingredients, proven to calm skin and be a natural anti-inflammatory.

Below are some examples of women who have experienced a negative reaction to conventional glues such as Duo. Purchase our all natural eyelash adhesive, True Glue here


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Emily Lyons
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