Tuesday , 23 July 2019
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Femme Gem Approved Skin Care #2

Kristine (5)

A few months ago we posted a blog on our top skin care products HERE After our last blog on skin care I started to research the active ingredients in my top products and what made them work. The more I read the less I liked. All of the products contained harsh chemicals that were being absorbed into our systems. ... Read More »

Femme Gem Approved Face Products For Aging Skin!


As I approach 28 it has become my personal mission to find skin care products that actually work. In my line of work I am constantly surrounded by beautiful, 19 year old models, which has added to the pressure to stay looking young. While many of peers have opted for botox, I prefer to use less invasive methods. During my ... Read More »

The Top Food Ingredients You Should Always Avoid!


To eat or not to eat, that is the question. It seems almost everything is bad for you these days in some way or another. Even that broccoli your eating, is it organic? No? So you’re ingesting cancer causing chemicals that are surely killing you slowly over time? Yes, its exhausting. We obviously can’t avoid everything, so we’ve created a ... Read More »

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