Saturday , 17 August 2019
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Should Men Buy Women Drinks?

Should men pay for drinks? Dinner? The answer is no.

I understand some women may get defensive about this and utter things like, “a gentleman always pays for a lady” or “I want a man who can afford to take me out.” That is great after you’ve started dating but in the initial pick up stage it’s a no. It can be typical for a man to approach a woman at a bar and offer to buy her a drink; “typical” won’t strike attention. You want to stand out from other men. When you walk in and see a woman at the bar, instead of approaching her and offering to buy her a drink, just smile and keep walking. This may intrigue her, “Why didn’t he come talk to me?” The wheels could start turning in her head and she might be thinking about you and wondering if you’ll return. This is a sign of confidence, not disinterest. Yes, you noticed her but you didn’t leap over to talk. You’ll seem a little mysterious. You’ve teased her mind by doing something unexpected.

You want to get the woman to notice you and feel an attraction to you. At the end of the day if she is really interested in you, nothing else (including that drink you didn’t buy her) matters! My models are always dating jerks, and complaining how cheap or rude they are. Yet, why did they date them – because they’re attracted to them. So, save your money – skip the fancy dinners and drinks and focus on what really matters, attraction and the rest will follow.

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