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Poker through the eyes of a Femme | Right to Play Charity Event

June 26, 2013 | The Fifth Social Club | Poker through the eyes of a Femme | Right to Play Charity

It’s not every day that you hear about events through the eye of a Femme. We all know what it’s like to be a guest at an incredible event, but have we heard the stories from an alternative view? 50 Femme Fatale models joined in a night to remember at the 3rd Annual Hold’Em Poker Tournament hosted by the Kids in Sport Foundation. All proceeds from the tournament went to support the Right to Play initiative to help put kids in sport.
I believe I can say this for all of the Femme Fatale models there that evening, this event was a complete success and there was not a bored soul in the room. The event kicked off at 6:00pm and continued to be a success as the night progressed.

Starting the evening off right with a few fruity cocktails, all the Femme’s and guests then took their seats at designated tables with their poker face ready. The live auction started while we were all seated. Hands were shooting up in the air before I could even blink. A few lucky Femme’s got the pleasure of spending some quality poker time with table #14. We had a little too much fun during the auction and one lucky gentleman ended up going home with an incredible golf trip! The crowd was lively, the tables full, the auction prizes were amazing and along with it all, a good chunk of the models finally learned how to play a little poker!

Beginners luck for most of us I am sure, my highlight of the night was winning the table! I was titled ‘Queen of the table’ with a jazzy nickname to make things even better. Of course my lucky streak came to a halting end when I decided to go all-in during the second round. Though I was one card away from winning table #2, we all finished the night off with a couple drinks, mixing and mingling with the guests and had an absolutely incredible evening!

It is important to be able to host an event enjoyable for all guests. Although, when you are able to host an event where the employees are having just as much fun as the guests, now that’s something to brag about! It was an absolute honour to be a part of this event!

Until next time,

Through the Eyes of Femme Fatale Jenna



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