Tuesday , 23 July 2019
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Moguls Meeting Models

It’s a weekly, almost daily occurrence that I am approached to hook someone or their friend up with one of our models from Femme Fatale. It may sound funny but being surrounded by beautiful models is a blessing and a curse. First of all I am not currently a match maker (although I have considered the business opportunity!), and second most of the men that approach me are doing it all wrong! As such comes my new weekly blog feature, Moguls Meeting Models.

 First of all meeting a model or any beautiful woman is generally not going to be successful if is initiate by their boss or friend. They will be talking with you because they feel they have to. Secondly you will seem like a pansy. Women hate pansies. If you’re looking to meet a beautiful, intelligent and successful woman lets lay the ground rules with a few things you need to know first:

1. Be confident: If you think you are great, there is a better chance she will too. A confident man doesn’t seek approval from women, and this makes us want you more!

2. Don’t ask: When you ask something such as, “can I buy you a drink?” you’re putting the ball in her court and giving her all the power. Where as, “I’m going to buy you a drink, come to the bar” is much more assertive and you will get that drink with her. Same goes for, “could I take you out for dinner some time?” vs. “I’m going to take you out for dinner, lets do it Thursday.”

3. Don’t compliment: First of all you aren’t telling her anything she doesn’t know. For the most part beautiful women know they’re beautiful. It’s similar to walking up to a millionaire and saying, “wow! You have a lot of money!” He knows this and will probably just think you’re lame. Most likely hundreds of men have already told her this and you’re now just adding yourself to this pile of men she has already politely brushed off. I’m not saying women don’t like compliments, because they do, but from another man telling us the same thing means little to nothing. Not only this but telling a woman how gorgeous she is damages your alpha status and gives her the upper hand and places her on a pedestal, reducing your chances.

4. Attraction works different for women then it does for men: Men are attracted to what they see, women are attracted to what they don’t see. Sure looks, wealth, fame, power, height all play a role. But what women are really looking for is personality traits, whether they know it or not. They rationalize why they like someone.

Keep these in mind next time you’re out or better yet at a Femme Fatale event, you’ll quickly see what I mean! Until the second blog, happy hunting!

xo Emily

CEO Femme Fatale Media & Promotions
Event Staffing & Model Management

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  1. I agree with most of this, but have to disagree with the suggestions regarding assertive speech. If a man were to tell me that we were going to dinner (as has happened before) or were to tell me that he was getting me a drink, I would find that offensive. Being asked to go to dinner or if I would like a drink is a dialogue; I have the ability to have input and have freedom of choice. Being told that I am getting a drink or going to dinner is insulting. I ask my partner what they’d like to do, I tell my dog to sit.

    Everything else is right on-point. Compliments are a dime a dozen for your girls I’d imagine (because they’re all beautiful). Confidence is super-sexy, and the things that matter aren’t the things that a woman sees at first glance.

    Insightful post, especially as you’ve been at the top of your game for so long!

    • Hi Brandi,

      Thanks for your feedback! Not everyone feels the same, just my own personal experience! Thanks again for your feedback and for following our blog.


  2. As a beautiful woman, I still love the compliments. You’d be surprised how little they get dished out in the industry. And what woman doesn’t like to know that her man is attracted to her? That said, it’s definitely more of a “dating” scenario (as opposed to we just met and you’re asking me out – compliments don’t fly then).

    • Yes, that’s what i’m saying. Compliments are great once you’re together but when trying to pick up a girl at the bar, it doesn’t fly.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. That is fantastic advice Emily. The only thing, I agree somewhat with Brandi in that the assertiveness can come off rude and could be modified. Instead of telling her she’s going with me I would subtly invite her to join me like “I’m off for a drink at so and so..” If she says “oh that sounds like fun..” I might say “Oh, well you’re welcome to join me..”. I’m telling her to come with me only if she shows interest. If I don’t get a positive response on the first try I would leave it alone entirely, talk to someone else, or maybe try a modified approach later in the conversation and see if that sparks any interest. What do you think?

    • I think its all about how you say it! My fiancé John was very assertive when I met him and it completely worked! I think there is a fine line that you don’t want to cross where its confident or just rude.

      Thanks so much for your input!

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