Tuesday , 23 July 2019
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Model Tips: How To Get Your Beach Body From 0 – 100 Real Fast

Model Tips: How to get your beach body from 0 – 100 real fast

When we think of spring, we associate it with warm weather – duh. And when you think of warm weather, you’re probably day dreaming about summer, and paradise, and parties, and one obvious thing; – BIKINIS and your body!

So many people always ask me, “What’s your secret?” , “How do you get in shape”, “What’s your workout routine look like?” Here is a list of helpful tips that can help prep you for the 2015 Summer to remember!

Step 1: Don’t be ALL talk and start being motivated.

- We all hear those “New Years Resolution” goals about going to the gym, or cutting out unhealthy habits, but only months later to find the motivation to get a workout in a day can be challenging. But in reality, IT’S NOT! There are 24 hours in a day, find 2, and take care of your body.

Step 2: Once you’re committed to the gym in a long term relationship, focus certain days on body parts.

- For example, cardio everyday, weight training for 4 – 5 days, which each day includes a different weight training exercise and focusing on a specific body part.

Step 3: Nourish your body properly.

- McDonalds won’t cut you any slack. Avoid going out so much, and take time to prep meals from home.

Step 4: Set goals for yourself & DO IT FOR YOU.

- Who cares what other people think, do it for YOU and YOU only.

Step 5: Look at inspirational, motivational pictures, read up on healthy recipes, fitness exercises and BE INSPIRED

- Because when you’re motivated, you’re ready to take on anything.

About Rachel McKay

Rachel McKay
Model, actress, student, cheerleader - Rachel is so much more than a pretty face! Currently attending Humber College and completing an internship with Femme Fatale Media. Rachel loves fitness, being a vegetarian and modelling. Follow her at www.instagram.com/_rachmckay

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