Tuesday , 23 July 2019
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Meet The Girls! | Toronto’s Most Eligible Bachelorettes

As CEO of Femme Fatale Media I have the pleasure of working with some amazing people, from top models, successful moguls, and everything in-between. I’m often asked to play cupid amongst my circle or for dating tips (why the tips, i’m still trying to figure that out). Alas having such a well stocked virtual rolodex I thought I would take it upon myself to feature some of my favourite local singles! First up is my bubbly, sweet and oh so adorable Christine! Settle down gentlemen (and, some ladies), it’s just a blog post.

Name: Christine

Age: 24

Job(s): Realtor at Right At Home Realty | Director Of Marketing & Social Media for reality series (Wing Men) and upcoming restaurant (division of Brooklyn Market & S.W. Hospitality INC.) | Part time Femme Fatale model

Hometown: Half her life was spent in Richmond, British Columbia and most recently Whitby, Ontario.

Hobbies: Traveling, working out, modelling, singing, altering and creating new clothes, playing piano and trying new foods.

Nicknames:Chrissy, Christine-wein, McBabe.

Favourite Drink:Vodka Water Barlime or anything banana

Favourite Food: Steak and Creme Brule

Birth Sign:Sagittarius

McBabe in a Nutshell: Christine is spontaneous, outgoing and loyal. She is honest and commited to those she loves. She strives to maintain the amazing friendships and relationships she’s blessed to have. She’s witty, funny and enjoys goofing around. She isn’t one to take life too seriously and hopes to one day find someone who can enjoy living a fun and comedic life together.







Femme Fatale Model

Femme Fatale Model

christine copy 3


About Emily Lyons

Emily Lyons
Emily is a young entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Femme Fatale Media Group Inc. www.femmefatalemedia.com www.lyonselite.com www.true-glue.com


  1. Christine is absolutely gorgeous her being single is hard to believe I would do and go to the end of the world to make her happy

  2. Only one comment on this???! Christine is full package, wow. Smart and sexy. I’m available. Just sayin’ !

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