Tuesday , 23 July 2019
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How To Be A Model

How to be a model? Sounds simple enough right? Wrong.

How To Be A Model Guide



Modelling isn’t just a being pretty face, being discovered and then BAM. A lot goes into modelling and all aspects of it, and it doesn’t happen over night. The first step in getting started with modelling is to figure out a few key questions. Why do you want to model? What is your targets and dreams? Is it to travel the world? Find fame? Or just provide an additional source of income? From there those little self questions can help you in deciding which type of modelling is right for you.

So, what type of modelling is right for you? Fashion, glamour and promotional/events model are the three main types of models. Fashion modelling is generally those that you see on the runway and gracing the pages of Vogue magazine. They’re 5’8 and up, thin, and can rock a frock. You’re generally required to look a certain way and stay that way, travel, and have a great agent. This is considered the “classic” model by many, however the lifestyle is not for everyone.

The next is glamour modelling. A glamour model is a sexier, beauty type model you would find in Maxim, Sports Illistrated or Playboy. They’re beautiful, with a bit of curves, and can be all different heights. Usually print and commercial work is the core business for this type of modelling.

The last genre of modelling we are going to touch on is promotional event model. These models are the ones you see at car shows unveiling that fancy new sport car, or a classic energy drink model. These models not only have the looks, but the personality. They are all heights and sizes, great smiles and exude confidence!

Taking the first baby step to learn more about the types of modelling and which one is the best fit for you, will have you on your way in no time. Soon enough, learning how to be a model won’t seem like the daunting task it did!

Stay tuned for award winning model and staffing agency, Femme Fatale Media‘s full online modelling school launching later this year.

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