Monday , 27 May 2019
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He Loves You, He Loves You Not

I don’t know when the “he loves me, he loves me not” flower stopped working and I replaced it. All too often my models or girlfriends are complaining and wondering if the guy they like is actually into them. Instead of living my life permanently stuck in high school, I decided to list a few tell tale signs he’s into you (and you aren’t just the flavour of the week).

1. He Calls – Texting is the lazy mans phone call. Actually putting in the effort to call you shows he cares, and isn’t just adding you to his list of women to text. He wants to hear your voice.

2. He Makes Future Plans – He talks about future events which actually include you. He’s planning his future and wants you to be a part of it.

3. He Talks About You To His Friends – He also invites you out to meet them. He is proud of you and wants you to become a part of his life.

4. He Does Things Without Expecting Anything - He may just be a really good friend, or all of those favors he’s doing for you may mean something more. Notice all of the things he does for you and think about what they mean. Remember, if he likes you, then he’ll treat you differently than everybody else.

5. How He Talks About Other Girls – If he talks to you about other girls, it’ll be for one of two reasons. Either he likes you and wants to make you jealous, or he just sees you as a friend and wants your advice. Here’s how to find out what it means when he tells you about other ladies:
“None of them are what I’m looking for,” then he may be hinting that you’re the one.
If he always asks you for romantic advice no matter who he’s dating, then he may see you as a friend. If he says that you give the best advice, he may not be looking at you as more than a friend.
If he’s always talking about his latest conquest but not asking for advice, he could just be showing off to win you over. But be careful — you don’t want to end up being just another number in his little black book.

6. Your Hang Outs - If your hang outs involve next to no planning on his part, or just involve getting drunk, sorry to be the one to tell you but he ain’t into you.

7. Get A Second Opinion - Ask your girlfriends. Avoid the girlfriends that just say what you want to hear. I have a friend Sarah who is unbelievably blunt, find your Sarah and ask her for the low down.

8. Don’t Be Dumb - It’s not rocket science. Don’t fool yourself and look at the facts, and please stop falling for every cute guy you meet. If a guy is treating you like he doesn’t care, he genuinely doesn’t care.

Life is too short to date jerks.


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Emily Lyons
Emily is a young entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Femme Fatale Media Group Inc.

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