Saturday , 17 August 2019
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Femme Gem Approved Skin Care #2

A few months ago we posted a blog on our top skin care products HERE

After our last blog on skin care I started to research the active ingredients in my top products and what made them work. The more I read the less I liked. All of the products contained harsh chemicals that were being absorbed into our systems. I’m very big into healthy living so it made no sense that I take care of my body in every other way, only to slather chemicals onto the organ which is my skin. I started to do more research into some natural products and have been so happy with what I’ve found!

A key ingredient in many face creams is rose hip oil. Rose hip oil is like a multi vitamin for the skin, packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. I went by Whole Foods and found an organic one by Kosmea Australia. I was hoping to find a cold pressed one (it obtains more nutrients that way) but had no luck. I’ve started applying it around my eyes where I have fine lines and my forehead. The results so far have been fantastic!


The way you treat your skin should be like your diet. If you ate the same thing all the time it wouldn’t be healthy, no matter how healthy the food was. Its the same with your skin, you need to use different products for maximum benefits. The next product I found was Grapeseed Oil. Grapeseed oil is a light antioxidant rich oil derived from the seeds of grapes. This magnificent skin hydrator absorbs completely into the skin. Vitamin C and vitamin E are powerhouses in the fight against aging in themselves. Grapeseed oil is chock full of both, neutralizing the free radicals that our skin comes in contact with every day. Grapeseed oil also contains fatty acids both essential and nonessential, which are paramount in the fight towards healthy, glowing, hydrated, skin. These fatty acids like a-linoleic, oleic, palmitic acid, linoleic acid, and stearic acid are added ingredients in your more medical top of the line skin care lines. I picked up a bottle from a health food store. 250ml bottle for 14.99 and it will last for months!



You may be wondering about break outs with applying oil to your face, but Grapeseed oil is actually perfect for clearing up acne! While most oils and water based acne treatments set atop the skin, grapeseed oil has very small chains of molecules allowing it to be easily absorbed all the way down into the pores delivering the BHA Salicylic acid to the bacteria laden oils that cause breakouts. So far these products have both been fantastic and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! It’s day 4 and my face is smoother and the creases are a lot less noticeable, and it was cheap and all natural to boot! So my search continues as I look for a natural cleanser!

Stay beautiful!


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