Monday , 18 February 2019
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Feature Model: Alyssa Arce

Femme Fatale has recently started its expansion into the USA and been building a strong international roster. One of our recent additions to the US roster is the gorgeous model Alyssa Arce. Alyssa’s modelling credentials are quite impressive, including July 2013 Playboy Playmate.

Alyssa was born and raised southern with Latin blood. She is half-Caucasian and half Honduran. In high school, Alyssa played soccer, though she admits she was never into a lot of sports and “actually went into cheerleading to learn more about football.” Her journey to Playboy began with modeling. She said, “I have been modeling for a few years. I got into nude modeling over the past year or so; I found my niche. I’m comfortable with my body.” She worked with Wilhelmina and Ford modeling agencies before working with Playboy. “People used to tell me that I should pose for Playboy, and here I am.”

 As for being named a Playmate, she said, “The strangest reaction has come from people from my high school. Girls in high school who I never got along with have sent me messages like ‘I’m so proud of you.’ Hmmm, that’s weird because I never got along with you in high school.”

 Her turn-ons include a “very sexy, stylish, tattooed bad boy with a hot ride.” Her turn-offs include “I love to banter, so don’t be too sensitive. I hate close-minded, arrogant men who don’t know how to respect a girl.” She loves kids, traveling and fashion. “I am looking for a way to combine all three!” She’s also a huge foodie. “Some say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it’s the way to mine. So y’all get to cooking.” She’s famous for “cracking jokes, and making people laugh. I don’t try to be, but they say I’m a funny girl.” Alyssa travels between New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Take a peak at our favourite shots of our Southern Belle!



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Alyssa Arce  j888








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