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Expect Quality When You Book Femme Fatale Promotional Models

Expect Quality When You Book Femme Fatale Promotional Models

Written By: Rachel McKay

         Femme Fatale Promotional Modelling Agency has been around for over 6 years, and is continuously growing. Founder & CEO Emily Lyons has just received the notification by being nominated for yet another “Top Choice Award” for the Best Event Modelling Staff Agency. Lyons, awarded 7 awards in total and has the overall satisfactory for the top quality and exceptional promotional models in Toronto.

      With constant bookings and requests, Femme Fatale is constantly expanding the roster for many bookings being called for daily. With over 1200 Models throughout Toronto, and Worldwide, New Faces are coming from just about anywhere to connect with a high in demand agency. The difference between quality and quantity is what Femme Fatale Models are. Models are required to follow specific guidelines, yet, enjoy and actually love what they do. The girls bring quality and professionalism to the clientele and gigs, and they still have an amazing time.

    Account Coordinator, and Model Leah Pfeiffer started out as just a Model for Femme Fatale and began to grow within the business moving up the chain. So as you can see, Femme is constantly making decisions that will better them for the business. Pfeiffer’s experience is unlike any others compared to other agencies she’s worked with. “I like meeting people, and meeting the girls as every time is different and I enjoy the atmosphere”. - LP

     Lyons states, “We did working interviews with 5-6 people, and I felt Leah was the perfect fit. It’s nice when people just do tasks and not have to be reminded. Leah just knows what to do, and she gets everything done in time.” As busy as Pfeiffer is, working in the Femme office 5 days a week 9-5, and working events on the side, she proves loyalty and dedication to the business. “We are an agency with reliability.” Founder Lyons says with enthusiasm and a content attitude.

 Lately, Femme has been recognized for their weekly weekend event hosting at Muzik Nightclub. There, the girls mingle with guests, serve drinks, and always make sure everyone is having an amazing time. The owners of Muzik keep coming back to Femme Fatale for their model bookings because the girls truly bring satisfaction to the club.  Two other events currently booked have been the Ducati Moncton Motorcycle Show and the Yamaha Show – both two major events in which that take part yearly.

   Having Femme Fatale apart of these major events with major clients only shows that the clients want to book the best and beyond. That being said, when booking specific models, Pfeiffer says, “I don’t chose favourites. I take in consideration of who I’ve worked with, who has the experience but more importantly who is suitable for the job.” As you can see, most of the jobs Femme gets bookings for are always different, and the demands for different models and looks are high. Femme gives a lot to choose from, and only the best.

   For example, model Holly Wolf, who started out as a model and dancer with Femme Fatale when they first launched has grown herself over the years, landing two covers for Playboy, and constantly traveling for Cosplays worldwide. She is always gifted from Femme in support of her hard work and dedication. So as you can see, Femme Fatale as a company recognizes their talent and prizes them along the way to their success, every step of the way.

About Rachel McKay

Rachel McKay
Model, actress, student, cheerleader - Rachel is so much more than a pretty face! Currently attending Humber College and completing an internship with Femme Fatale Media. Rachel loves fitness, being a vegetarian and modelling. Follow her at www.instagram.com/_rachmckay

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