Monday , 18 February 2019
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Do’s And Don’ts When Applying To Become A Promotional Model

As CEO at Femme Fatale I review 100′s of applications a month. I often see the same mistakes which take a promotional model from prospect to do not hire. When we look for new models we aren’t just looking for beautiful appearances, we want professional and intelligent ladies and gentlemen. I thought I would give some helpful pointers to all of you out there thinking of applying to become a promotional model.

1. Do be professional
This application should be treated like any other professional position/ career that you would be applying for. Use proper grammar and punctuation. Do not use slang or symbols like: lol, haha, smiley faces, etc. It’s unprofessional and after all we aren’t your girlfriend, we’re your potential future employer.


2. Do be to the point
When asked to list your experience and tell us a bit about yourself – We really mean just that! But remember less is more. A simple list of your past experience and qualifications is great. If you write your whole life story chances are we will take one look, see that it will take forever to read, and skip right over it. Point form is great for this and include something interesting to set you apart!


3. Do not submit the following photos:
-mirror shots
-blurry selfies
-photos of you at the bar/with a drink in your hand
-photos of you on vacation
-old dated photos from more than 6 months ago
-group photos
-nude/revealing/inappropriate photos


Always submit photos that are clear, high resolution and are a true and accurate representation of how you currently look. One head shot, one full length. If you do not have professional photos it’s in your best interest to acquire them, however it’s not necessary for the application. Also, when submitting your photos, it is best to save you photos as your first and last name with a number sequence. For example: Jane Smith (1). Jane Smith (2). Not “sexy pose 1,” this comes up when we open it and you would be surprised some of the interesting photo names we’ve seen!


4. Do clean up your Facebook

Since our processes require us to access your Facebook Page, it’s in your best interest that your Facebook is also professional and does not contain incriminating images or statements. Your Facebook Page says a lot about your personal life and should be kept professional if you want to be a representation of any reputable agency.


5. Do choose a professional email address

When emailing any employer you want to have a mature/ professional email address. It should be something like Not Make sure the email you choose is relevant and appropriate.


Remember, most agencies like ourselves get 100′s of applications so if you don’t hear back within a reasonable amount of time send a polite follow up. A quick email or phone call to make sure you application was successfully sent is ok. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t end up hearing back. It could just mean that the agency is not looking to expand their roster at the time, or you may not be what they are currently looking for. Try applying again in the future and if promotional modelling is something you really want to pursue, don’t give up!


Thanks for reading!


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