Monday , 27 May 2019
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Don’t Miss Out On This Weeks Toronto Events!

 We believe it’s our duty to ensure you don’t waste away your week, therefore we have carefully selected some must attend Toronto events! Stay tuned for the not-so-family friendly version!

1. The Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z concert this Wednesday. We can’t forget to include this little (but big) mid-week break! Why it’s a Femme Gem favourite: Well, besides the fact that each song these two put out is amazing, you won’t be able to help but drool with the two of these hunks on stage dancing all night. We’d say Justin’s abs are a pretty good distraction for getting work off your mind!
Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake 
2. The Wizard of Oz Play: Why this is a Femme Gem favourite: This has to be an all-time childhood favourite! You can re-live that childhood dream since the movie will come to life this Friday, July 19th. Taking place at the Ed Mirvish Theatre with prices ranging from as little as $35.00 – $175.00. If you loved this movie as a child and are looking to kick-back and relax Friday after work, this is the perfect place to do it. 
3.The Scotia bank Caribbean Carnival: This event will kick off by hitting the streets and stages of Toronto this summer for its 44th year, featuring events that celebrate the music, cuisine and arts of the Caribbean culture. This popular event features some of the biggest highlights of the summer including the Caribana Grand Parade, Annual Gala and the new tent villages. Known for drawing close to a million spectators in past years, the Caribbean Carnival is the largest cultural festival of its kind in North America so be sure not to miss it! 
It’s Sunday and the Monday blues are starting to kick in (boo-hoo, i know.) So, if you haven’t spent your whole paycheque yet don’t fret, we saved, one of the best events for last! 
4.Beyoncé Concert: If you didn’t get to see this beautiful lady’s husband perform this week, make sure you don’t miss out on this concert! It’s going to be crazy. Why this is a Femme Gem favourite: Well, It’s Beyoncé’s first full tour in three years, and promises to be a bigger and better spectacle. Beyoncé is also said to be working a new album, released sometime this year! Tickets range anywhere from $63 – $268! 
Wishing you all a great (and hopefully not too long) week, 
xo Krissy


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