Monday , 27 May 2019
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Confessions Of A Selfie Queen

Whether you choose to admit it or not we all love a good selfie. No matter what industry you’re in you always want to look great and put your best self forward, and selfies are no exception. With many of you boasting followers well into the thousands it’s not like these pics are just seen by close friends. I am a self proclaimed selfie queen and have no shame in it. I see so many that are done just…wrong. So I’ve taken the liberty of listing my secrets to perfecting the art of the perfect selfie!

1. Take it on an angle - going straight on with the camera is not flattering. Try it from different angles to find your best one. I find taking from above to be the best, but be careful if you’re doing full body as this can make you look short.

2. Edit it! Okay so it’s no surprise there are apps out there for editing your selfies. There are some amazing ones that smooth blemish and fix the colouring on it. But do NOT over due it, just do a touch up. You don’t want to look fake and make it obvious you edited (AKA take it easy with the “reduce noise” button ladies).

3. Check yourself out-  You wouldn’t go into a photo shoot coming just off the street would you? Make sure you give yourself a once over to make sure your makeup and hair is looking its best!

4. Always have the right amount of cleavage. Even if you’re a male.

5. Lighting -  You always want bright light and I find natural daylight is the best! Always do a 360 in selfie mode to find the best lighting.

6. Background check- Make sure you don’t have anything weird lying around background (messy room…underwear on the floor, your pets etc) make the picture all about you. Anything in the background can cause a distraction and look trashy. You want to be the main part of your SELFIE.

7. Backdrop - You also want a solid coloured wall and nothing to crazy

8. Be still – There are tons of girls out there who take selfies where they are all blurry, fuzzy and dark. Worst selfies ever. You can’t even see what the girls look like

9. Mirror selfies- Try and avoid them. If you do them try and cut the mirror and cell phone out.

10. Turn that selfie camera on - Most phones give you the ability to see what you look like before you snap a picture! Use it!!

11. Ask a friend- Your going to be staring at yourself for a while and eventually every picture will look the same. Choose your top 2-3 and send them to a few friends and see which one is the best picture

12. Don’t be in a rush- Give yourself an ample amount of time to take a few pictures. If your rushed, the pictures will look rushed.

Gorgeous is as gorgeous does, happy shooting! xo

About Stella Nicole

Stella Nicole
Stella is a Femme Fatale model and self proclaimed selfie queen. Follow her on instagram at

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