Monday , 18 February 2019
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Bridal Beauty Secrets

Hello, Gorgeous! It’s your big day and you deserve to go a little crazy. Here are some things our Femme Fatale models use on a regular basis to keep themselves looking gorgeous, and we thought we share when with you because they are a must-have for Wedding Day Glam!

1. Hydra Facial – Hydra facials leave your skin glowing and picture perfect ready. We recommend checking our Beauty Bar Toronto for yours!

2. Mink Lashes – Um, OBVIOUSLY! We recommend Femme Fatale mink lashes in a more natural looking lash like, “Classic” or a touch more glamour with, “Carrie,” or, “Barbie Girl.” For a really luxe look, we’d recommend going with the Swarovski crystal adorned, “A Girl’s Best Friend.”

3. Lash Tinting – Lets face it, you’re probably going to cry. Keep the look of mascara, minus the ink running down your face with this semi-permanent treatment. And it’s also perfect for when you’re spending your days on the beach (hint hint: honeymoon!)

4. Hair Treatments – We love Keratin treatments! They leave your hair soft and silky. You will not regret it!

5. Clip-ins – Add volume or length to your hair with clip-in extensions. There is no need paying a fortune for a pair, we recommend getting a pair from a beauty outlet and sewing them onto hairclips yourself!

6. Spray Tan – When done right spray tans make you look sun-kissed and beautiful. We recommend trying it months in advance so you can preview the result.

7. Mani/pedi with shellac – No chip, no fuss. Will last all honeymoon!

8. Teeth Whitening – Nothing beats a bright and shiny smile! We’ve been loving oil pulling, it’s cheap and natural. To learn more about it click here.

9. Shapewear – Look svelte in that white dress with some Spanx. They’re a girls best friend!

10. Visine – You don’t want to look tired or red-eyed in your photos. A few drops of Visine keeps your eyes clear and beautiful.

And no matter what tips you decide to go with, remember confidence goes a long way. Enjoy your day because it’s all about you!


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Emily Lyons
Emily is a young entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Femme Fatale Media Group Inc.

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