Monday , 27 May 2019
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A Profit-Making Idea for Your Business: Sweepstakes and NYC Promotional Models

Promotional models. Contests and sweepstakes. You can combine the two and turn a nice profit with this simple method. Our experts at Femme Fatale Media describe it below. But first, let me be clear who this is for. This is for those businesses that (1) sell products, instead of services (for example, furniture, automobile parts, vacuum cleaners, clothing, and so on), (2) that have a physical location (this cannot be easily adapted for businesses that only sell online), and (3) are willing to invest in NYC promotional models to maximize profit (if you are from another city, then hiring models from that city will, of course, be just as effective). Reading this won’t take more than 5 minutes, but might be enough to spark a nice profit-making idea in your mind.

Step One. Advertise a sweepstake. Feature your promotional drawing in the newspaper, at fairs, in flyers, at auctions. Or host an event specifically for this sweepstake, where one lucky person will win one of your products for free. Here’s the trick, though, to gaining more exposure than you otherwise would: hire NYC promotional models. These promotional models should be featured in your ads, or staff your event, or be at your booth in a fair or show. Why? Because they’ll help you quickly gain more attention and therefore more traction.

Step Two. Have all participants – eager for the chance to win your fantastic product for free – fill out a form. This form should ask them for their mailing address, which they will fill in. Now, here’s the important thing: once all the contestants have filled out these forms, you’ll have a nice mailing list (or emailing list, if you are comfortable with internet marketing) of prospects. That’s because only people who are interested in what you sell will be, in general, willing to take the time to enter a sweepstake. So there you are with a nice, big list of prospective customers. Give the free prize to the winner and move on to Step Three.

Step Three. Send a letter (or email) to all the people on your new list. The letter should invite them to your store, and offer them a discounted price on the product you were giving away in the contest. You can up your response rate to these letters by including a nice, glossy image of a lovely NYC promotional model posing with your product. What happens next? You’ll get a lot more customers in your store, and every time someone walks into your store, he or she is worth a certain amount of money to your business. Which means the more people you have entering your store, the greater your profits. In sum, you’ve created a nice list of prospects (with promotional models helping you out), you invite these prospects to your store (offering them a nice discount on one of your products), and many of these prospects will amble into your shop, look around, and end up buying several items.

It may sound easy and simple – even elementary. But try it – you just might be impressed with what happens.

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Emily Lyons
Emily is a young entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Femme Fatale Media Group Inc.

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