Monday , 27 May 2019
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A Little Less Media And A Lot More Social

Social media is an amazing resource for companies big and small. However a lot of business (generally the bigger ones) tend to fall short on using it to its potential. They actually miss the social in social media. So you threw up some media and made some pages, good enough right? Wrong. Here are some tips to making the most from your social media

1. Get engaged! Its simple. You want to engage and be social with your followers! Have fun and interact with them. This will keep them following you and make them feel like a valued client/customer/follower. Ask for their feedback, post questions for them to answer and hold contests for them to participate in. This is also a great way to help convert an online follower to a new client.

2.  I’d like to speak with the manager please. Invest in a social media manager, or if you’re a small business, do it yourself. You want to be able to respond to posts and questions on your social media pages almost immediately after they’re posted to you! Don’t leave it a month before getting back to someone. You wouldn’t do that with your voicemails or emails and social media should be the same.

3. Publish or Perish! You want to publish, and publish often!  Don’t post, blog and tweet 10 times one day and then wait 4 weeks. Keep up with it and although you may not see results right away, they should follow. If they don’t switch up your plan and what you’re writing about.

4. Brand it! Clever branding will intrigue and attract people to follow you. So your a fridge company? Doesn’t mean you need to make your cover photo a fridge and your company name. Spice it up! Do something interesting and be consistent with switching it up. Update it and tie it into themes, holidays or current events!

5. Keep it interesting!  Even if you’re not in the most exciting business, you can blog and post about things related to your industry. Your a hair salon, why not post a video on do it yourself up do’s right before prom? The best celebrity hair styles of the summer? Which one do your followers like best? This will also entice followers to share your page with friends and ultimately gain more followers and potential future business.

Now get out there and get social!



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