Monday , 18 February 2019
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5 Reasons To Use A Matchmaker!

1. Never go to a club again! 

Are you tired of the same old scene? Picking up girls at the bar and wondering why it doesn’t work out? This should come as no surprise. If you are meeting girls at the club on a Friday night, chances are they are not taking anything you are saying too seriously. This is not a good place to meet people who are looking for something more meaningful. And let’s face it, once you have had a few drinks we may not be approaching the people we would normally go for.

2. Don’t waste your time!

Your time is valuable, don’t waste it! Leave the hard work to someone else. When you use a matchmaker you don’t have to waste any more of your valuable time looking for the perfect mate or going on pointless dates with no chance of working out.  A matchmaker will set you up on dates that have a better chance of turning into something meaningful. This makes every date you go on more valuable and less time consuming.

3. No more approaching strangers

If approaching a stranger in a crowded bar is your idea of a scary situation, matchmaking is for you.  Allow a professional to find your ideal date and remove you from that awkward situation. There is no reason for you to be putting yourself into uncomfortable situations. Let a matchmaker set you up with someone you already have commonalities with so you can hit it off without the stress.

4. Expand your possibilities

You may meet the occasional individual you would entertain asking out on a date but a matchmakers job is to find out exactly what you are looking for and match you up accordingly. They have access to a database of amazing women you otherwise would probably never meet.  By hiring a matchmaker you are opening yourself up to greater dating opportunities.  On your own you may go on 5 so-so dates in the same time period you could be going on 10 awesome dates.

5. The best wingman

A matchmaker is like the most amazing wingman, there to give you tips and lend a hand through the entire dating process.  They will boost your confidence and help you find the perfect companion.  Not only do matchmakers offer dating tips but most also consult on style and general appearance and will be far more honest than your go to guy friend.



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Emily Lyons
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