Tuesday , 23 July 2019
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5 Crucial Tips to Dating a Model – (Yes, she is as much as a “normal” person as you are)

You know when you overhear someone say, “I’m dating a model” and then all of a sudden, it’s like the entire conversation resolves around that specific person and the hype is all about how they are dating a “model” and how it’s literally looked up upon as some sort of Princess/ Goddess… Trust me, I’ve witnessed, and personally have dealt with something like that before. Like hold the sap, because truth is, we are no different than a “normal” person.

 Founder Emily Lyons, has yet again branched out her business by developing “Lyons Elite Luxury Match Making” where single successful people looking for love can find the perfect match. Lyons Elite can give you an opportunity to perhaps experience the dating world with a Femme Fatale Model. Now, who wouldn’t be intrigued, looking at someone’s profile and seeing their profession listed as a “Model”? – I know I would… But on a serious side note, models are just everyday people, and sure, they may have a follower base, publications, and constant bookings, but a Model’s Life is just a job they enjoy living.

I present to you 5 tips for dating a “Model”.

1.     Treat them like a normal girl.

-        Seriously guys, we want someone who will literally like us for us, and not be so consumed by our “spotlight” or “title”.

2.     Please don’t feel the need to comment about how we look every time you’re with us.

-        Being a model, we are already viewed at by our appearance, and we want you to enjoy the personality we have to offer.  I find a lot of girls have self esteem issues because of the constant exposure and emphasizes modeling has on the way appearance is perceived. A “You’re so funny” would be nice, once in awhile.

 3.     Except that because of our lifestyle, we won’t necessarily be available to hangout like all the time.

- It is what it is. Expect to question when we will see each other next. Try not to get upset when we have a full 12 hour day shoot, or last minute bookings the next day… it just happens. But the real question is, “Are you willing to accept that”.

4.     Don’t believe in stereotypes…

-        Yes we WOULD like to indulge in a triple thick milkshake followed by large fries or heck, even a huge quarter pounder cheeseburger with an EXTRA large drink.

-        So don’t assume when we go out that we will most likely order a salad, as you probably perceive as, “Rabbit Food”.

5.     Overall, don’t put us on a pedestal.

- I don’t need to hear how amazing I’m doing, or talk about a publication that was recently published as of two months ago. We understand you’re excited for us. But we don’t want it to be the center of conversation.

            That being said, we want you to be real. Be yourself. Don’t fake anything, don’t be something you’re not because at the end of the day, rememeber, personality always outshines the looks.

About Rachel McKay

Rachel McKay
Model, actress, student, cheerleader - Rachel is so much more than a pretty face! Currently attending Humber College and completing an internship with Femme Fatale Media. Rachel loves fitness, being a vegetarian and modelling. Follow her at www.instagram.com/_rachmckay

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