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24 Closet Essentials (Things to look for when shopping)

I cannot even tell you how many times I have wondered to myself, “What is a list of must-have pieces?” “What pieces couldn’t I live without?” “What pieces do the girls of Femme Fatale swear by?” Well, truth be told, I don’t believe there is one magical; holy grail of a list that is one size fits all but here are my 24 items that will be sure to transform your wardrobe into something that is equal parts functional and fabulous! Here we go!

1) A pair of dark wash skinny jeans: They are so flattering and are definitely a flirty jean. Tuck them into boots or cuff them with flats they are my holy grail.

2) The perfect white blouse: Enough said. But seriously, this will save your “I-do-not-know-what-to-wear-today-dilemmas.” Wear with anything. My favorite is a button up bought one size too big, with easily rolled sleeves and pair it with a pair of skinny’s or shiny tights! Perfect.

3) The striped long sleeve: This nautical staple is also 100% Americano. Always comfortable, as gives that easy chic vibe that everyone wants. Great for the day-to-day grind, but in a timeless fashion. This will look great with a pair of red jeans or dark wash skinny’s!

4) A black boyfriend blazer: I like mine with 3/4 sleeves and a streamlined shape. It creates insta-polish in any outfit. Wear to work throw it over a blouse before a date, it’s the perfect piece.

5) The sexy leather jacket: This is a great investment. If you buy a good quality one, it could outlast a decade. Get one with a classic shape that will be sure to pass the test of time

6) A tweed jacket: I’m not saying to go buy a Chanel jacket (even though, that would be major), but a tweed jacket can add some great texture to an otherwise flat outfit. You can go high-end or get a good buy at Target.

7) A jean jacket: Think all-American girl. It also would go great with that striped shirt

8) A pair of cut-off denim shorts: Pair with pieces that air on the side of professional to avoid looking like a sloppy teenager. Take note: they look great with summer-time-tanned legs!

9) The perfect white tee-shirt: It is the basic piece that many outfits will build on. My favorite is neither too tight or too loose. I love a v-neck cut.

10) A great day dress: Get one that works with your body… not against it. Make sure it is lightweight so it’s easy to layer.

11) A big chunky sweater: Great for the cooler days. Its uber comfortable and can be completely chic. Be sure to opt for a cocoon or flyaway style.

12) A striped blazer: This may not strike you as a “must-have” piece, but after getting mine, I know I can’t live without it.

13) Black skinny jeans: Sexy, dark, slim fitting. Perfection. Can easily be dressed up for a date or a night out on the town with your girlfriends!

14) The “I’m sexy and I know it” dress: Something flirty and fun that makes you feel drop dead gorgeous. A little over the top is great.

15) A pencil skirt: It should hit the knee or slightly above. It also should be tailored to perfection, displaying your curves but definitely not skin-tight. Great for work, social gatherings or a classy cocktail hour.

16) A pea coat jacket: I am personally infatuated classic black in this case. It will be in style forever. Make sure it has shape and doesn’t make you look like a box.

17) Lets talk boobs. You need a strapless nude bra, It will save you.

18) The no-show underwear: Choose something in a nude hue that is seamless, it will do the job well.

19) The black pump: This is the one shoe that exudes equal parts confidence and classiness. It will bring you far. That make-or-break interview: done. That date with a guy you have been ogling over forever? Perfect. Paired with jeans, the perfect mix between trying and the ease of not trying (so hard that is). One piece of advice: invest. If you can stretch your budget, proceed confidently.

20) Strappy sandals: Lets make something clear, shall we? This does not mean flip-flops. Why settle for a fashion flop when you could be wearing a sophisticated sandal, sans that annoying smacking sound. I love ones that include a little bit of studs or leather detail.

21) The ankle bootie: I love the “cute-factor” that goes along with this style. Wear them with cuffed jeans, skinny jeans, shorts, and dresses, whatever actually. It delivers a bit of attitude, which I thoroughly enjoy. Get leather, suede, studded or fringed, anything goes! Steve Madden or aldo make great affordable ones!

22) The black (knee-high) boot: It looks oh-so chic paired with black tights or skinny jeans. I would go with a flat one, because they are A) more comfortable & practical and B) less reminiscent of a hooker-dominatrix. Just take my word for it.

23) The ballet flat: Take your pick of colors, but have the basis of taupe, nude and black covered. I swear I could run a marathon in these… ok maybe not. But, for sure a major shopping spree! Ha-ha

24) The nude heel: (or wedge for more casual lifestyles). Not only do these pretties make your legs look runway-worthy, but also they go with just about anything. The prettiest and parable shoe you will ever come across. If you tend to look like a baby giraffe walking on ice when in heels, I would go with a wedge. Baby steps people.

Let’s make something clear… these aren’t items that you need to go buy right away. This is just a list to put you in the fashionable direction.

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