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2 Things You Must Know Before Attracting Women

Dear Single Guys,

 Often enough attracting gorgeous women can seem difficult. Of course, cheesy pickup lines rarely work, but nor do other “techniques” like deliberately being a show-off – that just reveals insecurities. So before you go out there and start dating, there are 2 very important things you should know.

Fact is, most guys don’t know these 2 things. So they find themselves frustrated; they develop low self-esteem. And these guys end up blaming hot women for not falling head over heels for them. But that’s not how it needs to be. That’s not how YOU need to be. No, as a confident, successful, ambitious man – you will appreciate that you really can date the girl of your dreams.

So here are the 2 important facts about attracting women. Make them a part of your mindset as you seek to develop yourself further as a man who is successful at attracting women.

Fact #1: Women do not consciously choose to be attracted to certain men. That may come as a surprise to you. But it’s true: if a woman is attracted to a certain man, it’s very largely because of her biology. There’s a reason why women tend to be more attracted to confident men: their confidence screams “Hey, I can protect you and your children and I’m the leader of the pack.” So, biologically, women have a very good reason for being attracted to confidence.

Here’s another example: women will be much more likely to be attracted to a guy who’s got money, great abs, and is socially well-connected than to someone who has incredibly low self-esteem, doesn’t want to be physically fit, and hasn’t taken the effort to become a “social butterfly.” It all goes back to biology: even though times have changed dramatically, and society has evolved, we’re all still stuck with our caveman/cavewoman biology where survival depended on mating with people who were physically fit and who were well-connected with other leaders.

Makes sense, huh? So remember that. If you’re haven’t developed certain characteristics that attract women, you will never be able to “persuade” a woman to be attracted to you. Which kind of destroys the whole “nice guy” idea of attracting women. No matter how “nice” you are, it’s not going to get you too far at all if you don’t have more desirable qualities.

Fact #2: You can learn how to attract to women. If the Fact #1 was a bit unsettling to you, Fact #2 should certainly restore your hope for successfully attracting women. You don’t have to change your DNA to make women want to be around you. Instead, what’s necessary is this: learning what triggers attraction (and there are several triggers, including confidence, a sense of humor, a sense of purpose, an unshakeable belief in one’s own worth, and so on) allows you to create those triggers. And the more you practice the art of attracting women, the easier it becomes – until being a charismatic, attractive individual is as natural and effortless as blinking.

So keep these 2 very important facts in mind. Remember, it’s not that some guys just “get lucky” and find women drawn to them. Attraction isn’t a conscious choice; it’s a biological imperative.

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